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How One Jake Sully Avatar Costume Can Create Several Really Cool Costume Ideas!

Do you know how one Jake Sully Avatar Costume can create several really cool costume ideas? Keep reading and you will learn how to take one great costume and create an even better costume. One of this years most popular Halloween costumes is the Jake Sully Avatar Costume from the blockbuster movie Avatar. What's really cool about this costume is the options you have with it, not just buy the costume and put it on. With this costume you have several different looks you can create. Here are just a few examples. First this costume is available in boys and mens sizes. So not only will the younger boys have a great costume but so will the big boys who are still kids at heart. There is nothing unique about this costume, it's pretty simple as far as the costume itself goes. The Boys Deluxe Jake Sully Avatar Costume has 3 pieces, the detailed blue mask with the ears, a jacket which has blue sleeves attached for the Nav'i skin and the pants which have the built in tail. The mens costume has two options available... the Mens Deluxe Jake Sully Avatar Costume comes exactly as describe for the boys deluxe costume. The only difference in the Mens Jake Sully Avatar Costume is this one does NOT come with the pants like the mens deluxe costume which has the tail. Okay now to create some really cool looks with this costume. For both the boys and mens costume you will want to use the deluxe costume as it comes with the tail. Men you can use the Jake Sully costume that comes with just the jacket and mask for a couple of quick different looks. But the tail is a HUGE part of this costumes appeal so we are using the deluxe costume with the tail. The first look is just the costume itself as is. Great costume, really cool will look good in it. Put on the mask, jacket, pants and go have a great time! Quick simple easy ready to go in a matter of minutes. Add the bow and arrows or spear and you're good to go. This next look is using the jacket, pants and no mask. Kids love face painting and Avatar is absolutely the coolest thing in Face Painting. Simply paint the face / hands, use the Avatar makeup for detailing the face. Men do the same and add the Avatar Jake Sully Adult Wig for the full effect. This last look is a little more advanced more for the big boys so parents you will have the last word on this option. If you want the ultimate coolest Jake Sully Avatar Costume here's what you do. Using just the pants with the tail, cut the pants into shorts, the shorter the better for maximum effect. In the movie Jake was wearing a loin cloth... the idea here is to look authenic as possible without getting arrested for indecent exposure. Now you will need the blue body / face paint and paint your face and your whole body front and back. Then use the Official Avatar Makeup Kit for detailing the face and the finishing touches on your body. You can find a great Avatar makeup video on how to do Neytiri's makeup. It will give you the base for Jake's makeup you just need to make a few tweaks. Add the wig, the Nav'i spear or the bow and arrows and you're done. Now you know how one Jake Sully Avatar Costume can create several really cool costume ideas! Halloween is one of my family's favorite times of the year. Our family starts getting ready right after labor to make the fun last more than just one night. We plan on having a Avatar Halloween this year and I will be wearing one really cool Jake Sully Avatar Costume. Article Source:

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Kitty Cat Halloween Costume Ideas

The Halloween costume industry has had a serious boom in the last few years. Millions of costumes, some of them interesting and worthy, others not very successful were released into the market. With this abundance of outfits finding the one which will say something about your personality and at the same time will perfectly integrate in the party atmosphere can be quite a difficult thing. This is why it is always wise to look for costumes which you can wear at more than one theme party.

One such versatile costume is the black cat costume. Children wearing this type of costume can wear them at almost any type of party, unless they are attending a theme party where only princes and princesses are allowed. Yet, who can resist the charming appearance of a little black kitten asking for permission to enter the party?

A cute cat will always know how to put things in a positive way so that it will always win any battle with great ease. Women seem to know this better than anyone, thus a sexy black cat costume will certainly work great for them. A black dress with a pair of cat ears and a furry tail can be the perfect disguise for Halloween parties, animal theme parties and adult only parties or even for a hot night in private with your partner. No matter which one of these occasions you are going to attend, a kitty costume will certainly be noticed by those who should notice!

Teenagers love rebel kitties, this is why, most of the adolescent girls will rather go for the famous dresses released under the Hello Kitty brand. They are practical, sexy (yet without being too provocative), colourful and fun. They can be used as disguises for Halloween, but just as good they can be used for a nonconformist night out with the girls (and boys). Thus, they are great for girls who want to get from one Halloween party to another or who simply want want a nice costume that will not presuppose spending hours in front of the mirror to place a wig. This is probably the reason why your teenage daughter loves her Hello Kitty costume so much!

If you want a costume that is versatile, suits the party (or parties) you are going to attend this Halloween, will be easily recognisable on the street and will say something about you, you should leave aside your superstitions and step inside the black cat's fur this year!

Frances Bridger is an expert in the field of costumes and costume accessories. Find out more about the range of black cat costume and Hello Kitty costume accessories today. Make sure you buy early this year as stock always sells out fast!

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What Is an EFX Bracelet?

An EFX bracelet is a bracelet that uses holographic technology that is designed to help individuals enhance their performance and overall health. The initials EFX is actually short for "effects". The effects one experiences are due to the programmed EFX dots, in which cannot wear unless it is destroyed. Even if the dots are cut into half, the bracelet will still work. However, since it is programmed, the programmed frequencies can be erased by some magnets. Nevertheless, the product is not made out of magnets or produces any magnetic effects. The hologram, made out of a metallic material called Mylar, simply uses naturally occurring frequencies within your body's bioelectric field. The cellular function of a normal person's body is to keep the body at a healthy state. But with the existence of pollutants from the surroundings, the cellular communication within the body is disrupted. Thus, the EFX bracelet plays the role of allowing the natural cellular communication to work as it is intended. Many benefits have been found based on the reports of using the bracelet. When wearing it, some people feel that their pain is reduced, and some even feel less effects of jet lag. The effects felt by each individual are different from each other as every individual's system is unique. Yet, some benefits that have consistently reported are improved balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance. The benefits can be enjoyed immediately after wearing it, although this may vary from person to person. Another good thing about this bracelet is that it is not a drug or substance that has to be ingested or absorbed into the body. The EFX bracelet can be worn by anyone, including animals. It can be worn all day long, even to sleep, as some people do experience better sleep with it on. It can also be worn during sports, whether wet or dry activities. You can experience its functions so long you keep it within your bioelectric field, or 2" of your body, which means that no skin contact is necessary. Chris is the writer of this article, you can visit us for more information on Buy Powerbalance Wristband Bracelet and Buy EFX bracelet. Article Source: