Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kitty Cat Halloween Costume Ideas

The Halloween costume industry has had a serious boom in the last few years. Millions of costumes, some of them interesting and worthy, others not very successful were released into the market. With this abundance of outfits finding the one which will say something about your personality and at the same time will perfectly integrate in the party atmosphere can be quite a difficult thing. This is why it is always wise to look for costumes which you can wear at more than one theme party.

One such versatile costume is the black cat costume. Children wearing this type of costume can wear them at almost any type of party, unless they are attending a theme party where only princes and princesses are allowed. Yet, who can resist the charming appearance of a little black kitten asking for permission to enter the party?

A cute cat will always know how to put things in a positive way so that it will always win any battle with great ease. Women seem to know this better than anyone, thus a sexy black cat costume will certainly work great for them. A black dress with a pair of cat ears and a furry tail can be the perfect disguise for Halloween parties, animal theme parties and adult only parties or even for a hot night in private with your partner. No matter which one of these occasions you are going to attend, a kitty costume will certainly be noticed by those who should notice!

Teenagers love rebel kitties, this is why, most of the adolescent girls will rather go for the famous dresses released under the Hello Kitty brand. They are practical, sexy (yet without being too provocative), colourful and fun. They can be used as disguises for Halloween, but just as good they can be used for a nonconformist night out with the girls (and boys). Thus, they are great for girls who want to get from one Halloween party to another or who simply want want a nice costume that will not presuppose spending hours in front of the mirror to place a wig. This is probably the reason why your teenage daughter loves her Hello Kitty costume so much!

If you want a costume that is versatile, suits the party (or parties) you are going to attend this Halloween, will be easily recognisable on the street and will say something about you, you should leave aside your superstitions and step inside the black cat's fur this year!

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